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GATSBY is a new musical adaption of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s infamous tale of sex, crime, and the raucous parties of the roaring twenties.


GATSBY follows wannabe stockbroker Nick Carraway, a well-to-do mid-Westerner who moves to Long Island and quickly becomes the center of a web that connects Daisy Buchanan (Nick's debutante cousin), Tom Buchanan (her philandering, polo-playing husband), Myrtle Wilson (his brassy mistress) and Jordan Baker (a flapper-turned-golfer) to one Jay Gatsby, Nick's opulent and mysterious next door neighbor. The more closely their lives become entangled, the more quickly they unravel. Part tragedy, part comedy, and part musical noir, GATSBY re-colors this vivid founding myth of the American dream through the jazz age's many musical forms.

GATSBY arrived in New York direct from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where it was workshopped and produced under the guidance of UPenn faculty member and Philadelphia Magazine theater critic David Fox in April 2018, and was the recipient of an Office of the Provost's Year of Innovation Grant.



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